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Hagglunds Rentals, Snow Cat Rentals, Track Machines

Four Tracks All Terrain Ltd. is the premiere Off Road transportation company of choice, serving Western Canada’s Oil and gas, Forestry, Mining and Exploration sector.

Four Tracks All Terrain’s experience is as diverse as our clients, working on culturally and environmentally significant projects such as the TMX Anchor Loop pipeline project. Operating in Jasper National Park and Mt. Robson Provincial Park presented many environmental and terrain challenges. Inspections from 17 different regulatory agencies was standard in daily operations. Our task was to transport personnel and supplies along the right of way through mountainous terrain in all weather conditions where conventional vehicles could no longer operate.

Hagglunds BV 206

Having four track drive with articulated steering, the BV 206 is often the only viable transportation option in extremely tough terrain and in deteriorating weather. No matter the location of the work site, the BV 206 can carry 15 personnel, building materials, emergency gear, equipment, supplies, and rescue teams. All vehicle bodies are built of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Though light and well insulated, the bodies are extremely strong and able to withstand loads. With relative ease, a 300 gal water or fuel tank can be installed into the rear car to deliver throughout the field.

BR 400+ Snow Cat Rentals

Four Tracks All Terrain’s infrastructure is geared to undertake the most demanding off-road projects. This gives us the ability to transport up to 15 personnel and supplies, in all weather over the toughest terrain while being economical and safe. Heavy snowfall and clearing Right of Ways is easily done with our BR 400+ Snow Cats opening lanes for traffic, clearing construction projects of snowfall or pulling heavy skids full of supplies over the frozen landscape.

Vehicle Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul Facility

Having a large maintenance facility and qualified technicians, Four Tracks can repair customers’ Hagglunds or other small to medium size Track Machines to excellent condition, including major overhaul and fabrication. Our worldwide access and strategic alliances ensure that parts and supplies are available.

Through our ongoing extensive research and development, we tested some aftermarket parts that exceed that of OEM for durability and performance. Four Tracks has also accumulated a vast library of information and experience while designing new tools and improved products to assist us in the maintenance of these vehicles.

Our company’s reputation for safety and excellence also afforded us the opportunity to work with the Department of National Defence. Four Tracks had the unique experience of participating in the restoration and heavy overhaul of units from the Canadian Forces BV 206 fleet. These vehicles were used by the Canadian Military to help provide security for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. All vehicles went through thorough inspections and troubleshooting, finding snags and potential problems that were repaired or replaced. Each unit also had the undercarriage completely rebuilt to provide trouble-free operations in the mountains of B.C.

Once a unit is repaired or overhauled, our technicians perform a road test at our site to ensure that the vehicle pass our final inspection before being returned to the customer.

Our maintenance facility is also equipped for welding and fabrication, capable of building flat decks, snow blades, tracked trailers and other accessories. We also have access to most parts.

Our Company:
  • Offers the most comprehensive training program
  • Has no WCB claims in 6 years
  • Offers the best equipment around
  • Doesn’t compromise on safety